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Today, I am uploading a video for you guys, outlining some of my own tips for becoming an amateur photographer/videographer.  Consider these baby steps:

Step 1.  Don’t quit your day job!

In this first step I relay to you the importance of keeping a steady income while you pursue your dreams as a freelance photographer/videographer.  Some will tell you to take a suicidal leap into your dream, as risk is the best way to achieve success.  However, this isn’t really applicable in the real world of rent payments and the need to eat food.

Alisa Damaso outlines this in her March blog post about independent and freelance artists.  Never fear, however, as the reported in an August 2011 article that even Leonardo Da Vinci had a second job(s!) long before he received steady compensations for his works.

Step 2.  Buy a Camera!  Get some accessories.

The second part of my video I discuss the obvious need to purchase dependable equipment.  The most important piece of equipment is the camera!  I suggest investing in a DSLR camera for photography that also has video capabilities.  I use the same camera for photography that I use to shoot videos.  Here is a link to some specs on the camera that I personally use.  The review is hosted by CNET:  The Canon Rebel T1i

Step 3:  Take Some Pictures!

In step 3 I talk about the importance of using your photography and videography equipment to generate revenue, even out of the gate!  I highly suggest that one does not shoot anything for free, even to friends.  The reason is, every time you give away a piece of work for free it actually devalues your work moving forward.  In a small town this can kill you before you are even born. Consider this: Why in the world would any of your ‘friends’ pay you to take their pictures since they know in the past you already helped out that ‘other friend that you both know’ – for free.  Outside of the “friends” circle imagine you see… two video game consoles.  One is 25$ and another is 199$ at every convenient store in town and the interwebs too, of course.   Sure, one is cheaper so one might think it is of cheaper quality.  The expensive console, on the other hand, may seem like it is better quality. What if your only reference is the products’ prices?  Forbes’ website hosted an interesting article from FORBESWOMEN on this subject back March 2012 titled: People Don’t Respect Free Work So Charge Them For It.  Though the article is (sort of) gender specific and not photography/videography specific, many of its principals could prove  helpful across the gender board in terms of relevance to helping any up-and-coming freelancer.

As a fun exercise I suggest everyone check out this website. “Should I Work for Free?”  

And always, you need to LURK MOAR:

Reasons Why Photographers Cannot Work for Free. (Blog)

Wiki Article.  Fisheye Lens.  (So not scholarly but its a basic concept upon which wikipedia is a good jump point.  I support internet self-regulation, which is only self-opinion.)

Cambridge in Coluor’s article on using lens filters.


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